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Betty brings her years of life coaching certification and coaching experience to the forefront to help you transform your old money stories and rocket into your next success chapter.

I remember hanging out with my friends one summer afternoon when we decided my recently-earned money would best be utilized by going to the mall for some new “hip” jeans.

It was so fun trying them all on, spending time with friends and picking out the perfect pair. Until I got home and he said it

“You should have skipped the jeans: if you had invested that money, and a few hundred more a year, you’d have $28,000 by the time you’re 25 years old.

Really, Dad? Investing versus jeans?

He meant it as a life lesson. It felt like a life ‘shove’.

But it played into exactly how I make money decisions even now.

And don’t mistake what I’m saying: erasing those old money stories isn’t the answer. Becoming aware of them, debunking them (if necessary) and moving into a place of empowerment and intentional action is the greatest gift you can give yourself as an adult.

I help people do just that.

I’ve spent the last 5 years helping people navigate their health and life challenges through coaching. I’ve helped countless clients detox their bodies and minds.

And that’s been so rewarding. Clients losing weight, getting healthy, taking care of themselves wholly. And yet, there’s one thing so many people try to skip: Their relationship with money.

True, sustainable happiness happens when we strategically navigate every block, no matter it’s origin.