Discover your money code and start thriving as a coach.

Do you know in your heart that you are a really great coach? Maybe you feel called to be one? You are not alone! Many coaches share this belief and start their career with a heart-centered desire to make a difference in the world, but they give in to fear and stay stuck.

Are you afraid of not being able to thrive without your soul-devouring job? Are you playing small and only taking a few clients at a time? Would you like to step into your superpowers?

  • Attract your ideal clients and get paid well for them

  • Release the money blocks that keep you playing small

  • Get crystal clear on your relationship to money and upgrade it so you can earn like never before

  • Discover your money personality and learn how to use it to benefit your career

  • Learn how to use your money personality’s strengths instead of falling into the same old traps that may have you hoarding money afraid to invest in yourself or floundering in debt with no idea how to get out

  • Begin to thrive no matter where you are right now

If you have enjoyed books such as The Prosperous Coach or Money, A Love Story, Start Thriving as a Coach will be a treat that will help you start making money as a coach right way!

Amazon Rave Reviews

So good!
I’ve recently been exploring my money mindset. This book was very educational and gave me a great foundation to start. I’m definitely the nurturer archetype, and I’m looking forward to exploring that more! Thanks Betty!”
Verified Purchaser


C. Lieb

Top notch inspiration!
Betty is so inspiring and I love how she encourages women to be brave and go after their dreams.
Verified Purchaser


Best Book on Money Mindset in a Long Time
What a wonderful resource of money and the mindset around it. The author has such a strong yet approachable voice. It’s easy to follow and full of gems. I highly recommend it.
Verified Purchaser

Erika Parsons

Have money blocks? Read this!
This book was a quick, easy read, yet packed full of useful advice. Betty writes the book as if speaking with a friend and helps with a perspective shift that can be game-changing if you use the advice and tools she provides in your personal approach with money.
Verified Purchaser

Dr. Kimberly Glow

Betty Barnett Work with Me Photo



about Betty: 

Betty Barnett is the founder of Betty Barnett Coaching, a leading money mindset and transformational coaching company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and working professionals identify the root of their money attraction issues and create new habits and methods. Armed with these new tools, her clients are open to receive and establish consistent practices for permanent results.

As a professional keynote speaker and transformational money mindset coach she has helped men and women by using her Money Personality approach to deconstruct old money habits and lead clients to live in consistent abundance.

Albuquerque, NM native, Betty now lives in El Paso, TX with her family.


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