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– Betty Barnett, Transformational Success & Money Coach

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Albuquerque NM Let’s Transform Your Life with Abundance and Money Mindset Coach Betty Barnett

You want to achieve your financial goals, but you don’t know where to start. You feel stuck in a rut, overwhelmed by the constant struggle to earn money – to meet your basic needs. You’re tired of feeling stressed and broke, and you’re sick of that feeling of hopelessness that follows you around every day. You want to be free of financial struggle – to have the freedom to do what you love and realize the true potential of your life.

But how do you get started? How do you find that extra push? That extra bit of motivation to reach for your financial goals? How do you change your mindset to realize that abundance is possible? Promising you a journey towards a fulfilling, successful life, I am yours truly, Betty Barnett, abundance and money mindset coach with a heart for helping people transform their lives with self-confidence, hope, and possibility.

My journey, too, began with a similar struggle, and I understand the frustration and discouragement that come with reaching a dead end. When I discovered my true calling, I devoted my life to helping others achieve their goals and finding their path to success, and I hope to help you too. I promise you that it is not too late to turn your life around. You are not a victim of your circumstances – you can take charge of your life and make it the best it can be.

So, stop struggling and start achieving your financial goals today. Let’s get started!

Understanding Abundance Mindset

Abundance mentality is a way of thinking that focuses on abundance, prosperity, and success. In essence, it’s a belief that the world is abundant with unlimited resources and opportunities and that you can experience success in any area of your life as long as you are open to learning from the opportunities that are presented to you. It’s a way of thinking that promotes an attitude of gratitude and trusting that the universe will provide for your needs and desires. It’s a way of thinking that fosters a growth mindset, where you believe, your success is not limited to what you can see in front of you but rather, it’s an accumulation of all of the experiences and lessons you’ve encountered along the way. It’s a philosophy that empowers you to manifest your goals and dreams into reality by creating a clear vision and working towards it every day. It’s a journey of limitless possibilities – a journey that can bring you the success you seek and deserve.

Benefits of Hiring an Abundance or Money Mindset Coach In Albuquerque NM

If an abundance mindset is all about your internal fight against limitations, how can any coach help you? The reality is that we all have limiting beliefs that have been fostered by our society, family, and friends. These limiting beliefs are part of our subconscious mind, and they limit our opportunities to be happy and successful. And even though they’re invisible to us, they still have a huge impact on our lives. They cause us to unconsciously draw to us the circumstances that confirm them and keep us stuck in endless cycles of unhappiness and struggle. And unless you know how to tackle these limiting beliefs, you’ll always be a victim of your circumstances – not a creator of your own destiny.

Having helped 1000’s of people to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals, I have learned that the secret to manifesting any goal and dream lies in your beliefs. It is about the realization that you can shift your beliefs and draw to you the circumstances that will bring you the success you seek. But how can you possibly realize this? It can be challenging to address your subconscious limiting beliefs head-on. You may feel hesitant, scared, or unsure of yourself. But if you are willing to take that first step, you will see how easy it is to achieve your goals. The abundance mindset is not about a lofty ideal – it’s about a realistic vision of your ideal life. It’s about working towards that vision every day, with confidence and with the knowledge that you can succeed.

Give me one opportunity to work with you, and I will show you how limitless your possibilities are. Let’s go on this journey together to find your way to financial success and abundance. Let’s change your life for the better today!

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What to Expect When You Hire an Abundance and Money Mindset Coach

Let’s face it: your current circumstances are not what you want them to be. You’re frustrated, feeling stuck, and often, feeling hopeless. You want to improve, but everything seems so hopeless and overwhelming. You feel like giving up, but you know that’s not the answer. You’re searching for answers and hoping for a miracle, but you know that’s not realistic either. In a world where every moment of your life is ruled by hustle and grind, you can find the much-needed inspiration from professionals who have been there and back. Having faced the worst of times and come out victorious, I can help you uncover the truth about your circumstances and provide you with the guidance you need to get back on your feet.

Here’s what you can expect with our personalized abundance and money mindset coaching


Let's Start Here:

1. Beginning:

The old saying, “You are what you think,” couldn’t be more accurate. What you think about your situation and the potential solutions you pursue directly affects your experience in life. My goal is to help you discover your unlimited potential and empower you with the necessary mindset shifts to help you achieve your goals.

2. Realization:

I will take you on a journey to discover the real reasons behind your financial struggles and help you identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This will help you see your circumstances in a new light, one that empowers you to see the opportunity in them and find a solution that works for you.

3. Transformation:

Now that you have a clear understanding of your current situation, we can work together to create a plan that empowers you to take control of your life and achieve your goals. I will work with you to uncover the truth about your circumstances and provide you with the guidance you need to get back on your feet. From there, we will create a personalized action plan that includes a clear financial strategy to achieve your goals.

Take control of your money mindset and write your money destiny in a way that serves YOU.

What Does a Money Mindset Coach Do?

That’s a great question, and it’s one that I get often. To answer it, I have to go back to my experience as a life and health coach. In my ten years of coaching, I’ve learned that mindset is always the foundation for any change, no matter what that change may be. Every client I have worked with has had one thing in common – a lack of belief that they could make a change. If you think about it, it makes sense. They’ve been stuck in a negative belief for so long that they don’t believe it could ever be different. And so, what I do with my clients is I work with them to remove limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs. This process is called shifting beliefs, and it’s the key to changing anything in your life. It’s easy to have empowering beliefs when you’re not facing any adversity in your life. But when you do, your beliefs are tested. You can either succumb to the adversity or hold firm to your empowering beliefs. And this is where the work really begins – developing a mindset that enables you to hold firm to your beliefs when the going gets tough.

Begin creating your abundance mindset and open mindset to receive.

If you have the opportunity to be a part of Betty’s Money Mindset Bootcamp, DO IT!  I got more out of the 5 weeks than I ever expected or even hoped!! I was really surprised at the change in my money mindset in such a short period of time. Deeply held beliefs I had were challenged and changed! If you join, if you put in the work, and IF you allow Betty to coach you… you will walk away better for it! This is what I needed and only wish I had done it many years ago.

Sheri M. | Money Mastery Client

“Betty crumbled every single wall I’d unknowingly put up due to money fears. I used to hire new help once I was overloaded, rarely took vacations and blamed everything else worldly possible. Now, I own my old money stories and am creating my new money legacy with her guidance. My life is not – will not – ever be the same. Betty, you have unleashed my manifestation ninja skills!”

Maria J. | Money Mastery Client

Betty is an amazing money mindset coach. She is extremely intuitive and totally “got me” right away. She understood my struggles very quickly. She is very passionate and patient. I really enjoyed learning about my money archetypes as well. If you are struggling with your money mindset or confidence when it comes to your business, I highly recommend Betty. I look forward to working with her more in the future!

Brook Strauss-Dobi | Owner of Buttafly Social

“Betty’s coaching has made a huge impact on my money beliefs. I didn’t realize how many decisions I was making using beliefs of which I wasn’t even really aware. She has given me a deeper awareness of my own beliefs and taught me to stop and ask why every now and then. Her coaching was a great use of my time, efforts, and money!

Jessica L. | 1-on-1 Coaching Client

“After I found out my Money Archetype, it was all over… it was the key to unlocking my best years of business… EVER.”

Kara Y. | 1-on-1 Coaching Client

Change Your Life Today!

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Betty Barnett

Master Transformational Life
& Money Mindset Coach in Albuquerque NM

I believe in you in a world where we are constantly told to give up and settle for less. I know that you are a limitless being with unlimited potential. And if you are willing to take the necessary steps towards changing your life, I will be there by your side every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s change your life for the better today!

“Come with an open heart and mind… Betty will lead you out of the darkness. Trust the process; she knows what she’s doing!”

Nancy C. | Money Mastery Client

“The Mind Body Love group coaching is formed by wonderful and inspiring women. Betty was able to coach us individually during the weekly meeting, and we all learned from other ladies’ coaching.  As a group we were able to motivate and support one another. This group helped me realize that I’m not the only one going thru the issues I was having. Betty created a safe and positive environment in which I felt very comfortable to express my feelings and thoughts. If you are ready to up level your daily life, this group coaching is right for you. There is a reason why you are reading this right now. Take the step and sign up. This coaching will guide you to the right direction for your life.

Laura S. | 1-on-1 Coaching Client

“I was reluctant to sign up for the Bootcamp at first, but am I ever glad that I ignored my fears and decided to invest in learning and committing the time for a much better understanding of myself in relation to money. I not only made back my investment in income by the time the course was over, but I have a foundation for a much stronger financial outlook. I have more confidence not just in my ability to generate more income, but also how to manage it and in my “deservability” of having wealth. I strongly recommend Betty as your money coach! You won’t be sorry, you will only be sorry you had not taken this program a long time ago!

Wendy H. | Money Mastery Client

I decided to work with Betty on her VIP package to really challenge myself and move beyond my limiting beliefs. For the VIP day, we did a hike. I realized on that hike that I am afraid of the destination because I can see how far away it is and I cannot fathom how I will make it there. I learned that I can overcome that though by just taking one step at a time and there may be setbacks but again I just take them one step at a time and I will get to my goal in the time I am supposed to! If you are considering hiring Betty or attending one of her events, go for it, you will not regret your decision but you might regret not hiring her!

Mary W. | 1-on-1 Coaching Client

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